About me.

I love to cook and bake and eat and eat some  more.

A self-taught cook I grew up  loving everything that my mother prepared. In  fact it was mostly my mother’s love for  cooking and feeding that I have inherited.  Seeing her dole out several dishes and  feeding a small army from time to time must  have had an impact on me: for several years  later I enjoy doing the same.

Why is this blog called driedredchillies you ask? Because as an Indian and having spent many a memorable years in the Hunan province in China, chillies and specifically dried red chillies always seemed to be in abundance around me having formed the very soul of everything edible.

I’m not a professional photographer and I believe a lot of pictures on this site scream the same, but I try to click pictures which aren’t exactly offensive. I always try to put step by step pictures but many a times when my hands are covered in flour, butter, sugar or combination of all three, clicking pictures becomes somewhat impossible.

Food, I believe isn’t just sustenance, it is joy, art and taste; having said that there are times when the kitchen feels like a mortal enemy, especially on days that see the most run down version of me and then there are some days when I spend hours upon hours befriending it most intimately.

This blog is about my journey, my love and uncovering the various stages in life while understanding food.

7 thoughts on “About me.

  1. Salama, You have a great blog! I am nominating you for The Sisterhood of Bloggers Award! Congratulations!

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