Chinese Moon Cakes..

we were strolling through Walmart the other day, since that being the only place in our current residing Chinese city where we could buy and read some labels on foodstuff.. we stumbled across these pretty packages dotted all over.

On closer inspection we found out that these were meant as gifts for the ‘Mid Autumn Festival’

Not knowing much of anything about this, and I mistaking it for a box of chocolates since it had the words ‘Switzerland ‘ written on the box with a pretty chocolate on one side, we decided to buy it and test them.

Only after reaching home did I read ‘Chinese Moon Cakes’ written all over it. Too late and too curious.. I unwrapped it to find the prettiest teeny tiny boxes, and withing it such beautiful, delicate and intricate looking cakes that I didn’t have the heart to bite through them.

Having not the slightest idea what they would taste like, I was blown away from the first bit I took. It was soft but dense, the flavours within it were unbelievable. I think I had bitten into the apricot flavour. It was subtle tasting, mildly sweet and addictive. WE finished off most of them, until right now that I bit into the green tea flavour and I knew this being the last had to make its way here.

Its elegant, beautiful and oh so pretty. In case anyone visits China sometime this year around, I’d definitely recommend these tiny treats..

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