Refreshing healthy salad

There are time when  I do feel the guilt of stuffing my face with comfort food every now and then, and considering my laziness I try and cook up something relatively easy to lower the guilt meter.It’s at these times that this easy as nothing salad comes to mind. Few ingredients, fewer work steps and lip smacking, tangy, juicy and delicious and oh so satisfying, and yes.. I do feel healthy the moment I apply it to my face.

the best part of this salad is the beautiful colours and the juiciness they render and the crunch in your mouth is veryyyyy refreshing.


1 cucumber

1 ripe, red juicy tomatoe

3-4 sticks of celery, leaves removed.

chopped coriander (optional. I didnt put any in mine, but it gives wonderful flavour)

juice of 1 fat lemon.

zest from the same lemon

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

1/2 tsp chopped basil dried (you can use fresh if available)

that’s all folks…

chop them vegetables into not very tiny pieces and not too sizeable chunks either. Big enough to look pretty and small enough to effortlessly enter your mouth.

in another bowl squeeze the lemon and mix in the lemon zest. add in the salt, pepper and basil and mix with a frenzy to form a juicy, tangy dressing.. yummm. my mouth started watering as I wrote this.

Spread this all over your chopped vegetables and mix well to cover each vegetable piece with this wonderful dressing. If you like more salt in your dressing go ahead and add some.

Once everything is incorporated dig in, and feel less guilty about the cheese macaroni you had last night.

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