Aloo parantha

The traditional Indian Aloo Parantha or potato stuffed bread if you makes up for the most popular and loved breakfast in India. It’s hearty, tasty and a complete meal in itself without the addition of a lot many things. Easy to make, and honestly- extremely tasty !! The only catch is to make it right and evenly so that there are no thick chunks of flour in between while you eat. The potato stuffing needs to be even and spread well out between the soft flour folds.

Fix your dough. It’s made of whole wheat flour and water and shouldn’t be very hard. The dough has to be soft but not sticky. Keep it aside to work on the stuffing.

BOILED POTATO !!! I haven’t said it enough. Always, always keep a couple of boiled potatoes handy. They’re by far one of the most useful vegetables in the market. Once boiled they turn into instant food.. you’d never go hungry..

Anyways 2 boiled potatoes and mash them.. mash them with all you got.. use a potato masher or your hands, but please dont use a food processor..

Now we are going to doll it up..

here I have 1 green chilly (not red) chopped- I used scissors remembering the burns I got while channeling my inner Joan of Arc and dismembering crazy jalapenos last time. My fingers burnt for almost 2 days. 1/4 tsp red chilli powder, 1 tsp ground coriander and 1 1/2 tsp salt.. the worst thing on this earth is to have bland aloo parantha.

Right.. now cautiously mix it up. Don’t let your fingers burn with the chillies because you might end up rubbing your eyes with it, like I did..I’m kidding.. no I’m not !!

This right here can be eaten as it is..It’s tasty I tell you.. it is..well this is the stuffing made.. now for the stuffing to be stuffed

Here is the elusive dough.. nice & soft. Scoop out and roll into a thickish ball.. we have to stuff it remember.. so roll it well.. admire it’s roundness and pray it ends up pretty..

I don’t know how to explain it all in writing.. but here it is. This is how we do it. Flattening the round ball (sigh…) putting a scoop of potato stuffing between it (please make it a lot smaller than the dough ball)

Envelope the dough around the potato mixture.. voila !! it’s disappeared make it like a pouch around it and flatten the tepee like top.

using extra wheat dough and dabbing it all too generously, flatten it gently, making sure the stuffing stays inside.. Now whip out your rolling pin and gently roll it out.

Rolling out the disc and ensuring tings don’t start peeking out from everywhere.. This ain’t a perfect round, in my defense my rolling pin is all wrong..

This is it.. In a pan heat some oil.. this isn’t low calorie, so make sure both the sides get coated. It takes nothing more than 3-4 minutes to cook on a very hot pan (sorry no pictures, I was trying to feed my hungry man and cooking in a kitchen which was almost furnace like in the heat and humidity… my camera was nowhere in sight..

It’ll turn a burnished brown and smell like fries..Eat it with pickles, cheese, or my favourite ketchup..

Enjoy !!!

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