Cold Coffee

Cold coffee concentrate


Yes.. please go ahead and ask.. what is this? please.. Or ask, what exactly are you supposed to look at? those oranges at the back? the half empty red wine bottle, or the curious black contents of this beautiful lady like bottle? for starters, those oranges are pretty amazing, I know, I’m eating one. The half empty red wine bottle is half empty only because I cook with it (ahem!!) and the curious dark contents of the bottle senora is nothing but my never fail, fabulous, fantastic, ‘oh my god blessed thee’ coffee concentrate for the iced cold coffee I tuck into during my anxiety laden days which are many..

I know creating a concentrate for something as basic as cold coffee or iced coffee is weird to many. Since cold coffee for almost everyone (including my husband) is spoonful of instant coffee, lots of sugar, ice ream and milk blended together in a mixer. That’s dessert really, and nothing wrong with that, and that’s how so many like it. But if you really want the real deal and the lovely coffee taste in every whiff, in every sip and in every ounce of its existence, then really this is the go to coffee.. At least this is how I like it and once you’ve had this baby you’ll be a complete convert.

Another thing.. an iced coffee recipe in these harsh winters.. I know, but honestly do you care?



In a big jug, jar, vessel of your choice put in your coffee.. it has to be fresh coffee please.. not instant not decaf.. but nice ground coffee..



Pour in water.. cold water, not hot, not warm, but cold water. .. Side note:-  I love this glass bottle.



This is the result of pouring in the water. stir in to break the lumps. I know it doesn’t look fancy.. but please just trust me… mkay?


Secure tight and forget about it for the next 10 hours… more if you’re very patient. Leave it overnight on the counter to steep..

After it’s steeping time is done, strain it through a kitchen towel or a fine mesh…

Pour into a bottle and knock yourself out. This concentrate is perfect. strong, balanced and very coffee.

You can fill your glass with this coffee a little more than half and some sugar and work with so many ideas

  • Add ice and pour some milk
  • pour some cream
  • pour some half & half
  • scoop in some ice cream
  • pour some Bailey for boozy coffee
  • blend it and make into desert cold coffee
  • add some condensed milk

I mean seriously.. hundreds of ways to enjoy it..


100 gms coffee (not instant/not decaf)

1.5 ltrs of water

Of course you can increase this recipe to suit you.. Into a big jar, or jug, mix in the coffee and water and let steep for at least 8-10 hours. overnight would be great. Strain through a fine mesh and store.

Refrigerate for best results.

iced coffee


here’s another picture.. have fun !!!


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