Oven baked spinach frittata

DSC_0431This gorgeous piece of yellow green slab that’s seductively prying your mouth open is in fact just an omelette, with a twist. Frittata just sounds so much more deliciously exotic..probably something about the way how the T’s roll out your tongue, or maybe how the layers of yellow egg mixed with cheese and veggies beckon you to dive in face first. There’s nothing about this dish that isn’t deserving a round of applause. The sunshine glint of eggs, the golden ooze of cheese and healthy chew of vegetables is what makes this frittata a breakfast must..and I didn’t even mention how easy it is to put this baby together.

Breakfast is the most important meal of your day, and no reason why it can’t be the most pleasurable too.

You needn’t potter about the stove waiting to flip an omelette when you can just as easily bung it in the oven and get about your morning rituals while it silently cooks to breakfast perfection..and the best part about this lover is that it begs no effort or creativity.

Put it together with whatever vegetables or meats you have at disposal as result of a languorous fridge raid. It’s a very forgiving and loving recipe.


DSC_0376 copyI’m calling this a spinach frittata because I realized my refrigerator needed a quick bit of deforestation. I’d bought an obscene amount of spinach a day earlier and didn’t end up using them all in a recipe. I was left with pretty hefty bunch and decided to roll with it. But you can make this into an onion, mushroom, pepper or any imaginable frittata you fancy. The premises stay the same no matter what the ingredients..so here they are. Eggs, ham (optional), boiled potato, green onion, some milk, butter, spinach, cheese and salt and pepper (not pictured)


DSC_0381I wanted to give the pallid potato a bit of colour and more flavour by cooking it in some melted butter, just so that it gets bronzed. So, melt a knob of butter in a pan.


DSC_0383Dice or cube the potato in bite sized pieces, and when the butter begins to froth, tumble them in a single layer and let cook for 3-4 minutes over medium heat.


DSC_0384flip on the other side and repeat treatment until both sides are nicely blushing.


DSC_0385like so..and that’s the end of cooking.


DSC_0388crack the eggs and add in the milk


DSC_0390season with salt and pepper


DSC_0391add in the chopped green onions


DSC_0392and whisk


DSC_0393until it’s…umm..whisked.


DSC_0396now for the grand assembly. A layer of potatoes..


DSC_0397followed by a layer of ham that you tore into uneven shreds because you were too lazy to chop them into equal pieces. (keep this completely meatless by adding in some other vegetables of choice)


DSC_0401a healthy sprinkling of cheese of choice (I used cheddar)


DSC_0402and a quick bit of rainforest, also torn into uneven shards of leafy green mess. (why didn’t you cook the spinach first you ask? – well, because It’s breakfast time, and quick prep and brisk efficiency isn’t exactly one of our morning hallmarks..also it really won’t matter. I promise!)


DSC_0403and finally a rain of sunshine bliss in the form of perfectly whisked eggs.


DSC_0405and (drumroll), it’ll look like this. What? you’ll wonder..where are the perfectly whisked eggs? They’ve taken root under all that greenery..but have faith my darlings.  bake at 190°C for 15-20 minutes


DSC_0407what? where? I know you’re still wondering.. but lemme give you a sneak peak.


DSC_0408Look how gracefully it has puffed up, minus the bloat. The spinach has elegantly shriveled into a thin carpet of green perfection giving just a hint of its existence. The Sunlit eggs have puffed to form a thick slab of such moulting tenderness that you’d be ever so willing to pop this hot piece into your salivating mouth, be it at the expense of burning your lovely tongue. Let it rest for a couple minutes before you dive in.


DSC_0427and then what do you do? You cut a generous portion, slather it with ketchup and balance it on a fiercely toasted bread. It’s breakfast!


DSC_0425Isn’t it just lovely?




Eggs: 4

Milk: 30 mls (2 tbsps)

Cheese: cheddar 70g (4-5 tbsps) – or use any you prefer

Green onion: 1 (chopped fine)

Potato: 1 (boiled)

Spinach: 1 big handful (shredded/chopped)

Ham: 1-2 slices chopped

Butter: 1 tbsp

salt and pepper to taste.


Recipe instructions: cube the boiled potato and cook in a single layer on a hot pan with butter until golden on both sides.

Whisk the eggs, salt & pepper, chopped green onions and milk until well combined.

Layer the potato, ham, cheese and spinach in a baking pan. Pour over the eggs and bake at 190°C for 15-20 minutes until the sides have nicely puffed and the eggs have cooked through. Let rest for 5 minutes before cutting into portions.


Note: You can use any vegetables or seasonings to make this into your favourite breakfast frittata.








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