Buns Buns Buns !!!!!!

These blistered little babies were made when I realized there is an overflow of yeast in the house and that I really needed to bake something new..

sadly I don’t have the pictures of this entire process because I remembered it all while I as actually kneading the dough and it was not a great idea to click pictures with those hands.

I have however got the recipe and all you gotta to is follow it and watch the miracle happen. These Buns are soooooo soft with a slightly blistered top which adds so much texture.


1.5 tsp active dry yeast

1.5 cup flour

2 tsp sugar

100 mls lukewarm milk

1/2 tsp salt

1 tbsp milk extra

Very easy and no fuss. Guaranteed bouncing beautiful buns in 2 hours..

Mix in the yeast and sugar with the flour and let it be a couple of minutes. Add in the salt and mix through. Now slowly pour in the milk into the flour yeast mix and gently using your hand mixer or stand mixer or simply your hands knead it well. It should become smooth and stretchy.

Now let this dough rest until it doubles in it’s size and btw cover the dough while it rises.. we do not want the top all dry and ugh!!..

After an hour of rising give it a good punch and let it deflate.. don’t worry it’ll rise back up. Another 45 minutes later we get this dough out and scoop out small balls. I didn’t try to make these perfect round balls, but if you’re a sucker for uniformity go ahead and knock yourself out.

Line them on your baking sheet, not too close to each other. Now for the blistered top, instead of an egg wash I drizzled the tops with some milk and let them be for another 15 minutes to rise a bit more. Before putting them into the oven brush their tops again with some milk and that’s all. I drizzled some flecks of salt on top too.. you can actually mix and match and put flakes of red chillies or basil or herbs DE Provence or whatever gets your ship sailing or just leave it plain.

Bake at 190℃ 18-25 minutes. that’s all..It’s heavenly. lather some butter, immerse yourself..

Enjoy !!!


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