Double chocolate chip cookies

It’s been really long since I put any new posts, and this is how I really wanted to make up. I had been traveling, working and being lazy and yes was away due to work related issues and was working my ass off, in fact the few months of crazy work and long hours of commute had almost turned me into a comatose vegetative state.. Not anymore though: For I bring forth to you.. a double dose of chocolate in these little cookies.. om nom nom nom

Very easy, nothing much in the way of too much work. Grab your mixer, either hand or stand.. assemble ingredients and its just a matter of putting in everything one after another.

Btw, not step by step pictures this time…It’s been almost impossible blogging from China and putting in more than one picture is just not happening.. Soooo  SORRY>. will try something else next time 😦

Recipe Ingredients

110 gms butter

75 gms granulated white sugar

70 gms firmly packed brown sugar

150 gms flour

1 large egg

1 tsp vanilla extract

150 gms chocolate chips

1 tbsp cocoa powder

First things first: In a separate bowl mix the cocoa with the flour and set aside. In the bowl of your electric mixer beat butter and sugars until light and creamy and gorgeous. Beat in the egg and mix until well incorporated. Add in the vanilla extract and combine everything beating well. Now slowly add the dry ingredients without making a mess if possible (flour+cocoa). and beat it all together, slowly adding in the chocolate chips too..

Refrigerate the dough for a while- 20 minutes should do it.

Either use an ice cream scoop or use 2 spoons and drop the dough onto the baking sheet.Bake for around 12-14 minutes (depending on your oven) in your pre heated oven @ 180℃

Allow to cool on a wire rack and dig in.

This recipe made me around 2 dozen cookies.. it can vary according to the size you decide to make. All in all, these are easy, delicious and devoured immediately..

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