Mango honey lemonade


OK, you could keep staring at it all you want, or you could just march into your kitchen and make yourself a serving of this molten sunshine. Even though it looks like a pool of liquid gold, it tastes of aqueous angels, and they do sing a bit of harp filled melody each time you sip into this divine potion of dulcet daylight.

Well, it’s the summers and you need something that looks like sun and tastes like ice, only this is delightfully citrusy, lyrically sweet and fused with the plump golden pulp of voluptuous heat soaked mangoes…and it takes five minutes to conjure up this baby.


DSC_0001 copy

all you really need is love..a couple of fat mangoes, honey, lemon and water. nothing too tedious



you gotta commit act of loving violence however and disrobe your mangoes ever so tactfully, or not..really it’s up to you how you want to gouge out the flesh.



then put into a blender of choice



along with honey, and blend



to get a pulp of midas proportions



this is totally optional, but it adds an extra note of citrus. Carefully remove only the yellow part of the lemon. You can zest it if you want, or you can take a sharp knife and slowly peel just the outer yellow skin.



like so.. and squeeze the lemon into a separate glass. There isn’t a picture for it..sorry folks



plonk in the lemon rind, and it will slowly keep infusing.



Now for the grand assembly. This is the complicated part where you can make mistakes, because magically a glass bearing the juice of squeezed lemon has appeared.



now..lemon juice into the water



followed by mango pulp into the water



et voila, a lava lamp!



mix well, twirl it around with all your might, form a whirlpool if you must.



stare at it, stagger over speechless and renounce the world.



pour over crushed ice



and drink!



Mangoes- 2 large

Lemon juice- 60mls (1/4 cup) you could use 3-4 small lemons or 1 really large one

Honey- 60mls (1/4 cup)

water- 1 litre (4 cups)



make sweetened mango pulp by blending together mango flesh and honey and set aside. Peel the lemon rind (optional step) and add to water. Squeeze out the lemon juice and keep aside.

Add sweetened mango pulp and lemon juice to water and mix well.

Serve over crushed ice.

This is easy..


I  couldn’t resist this top shot



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