Potato Patties

Have I said it enough? keep boiled potatoes in your fridge.. it’s a habit and a way of life for me. Anytime of the day, I know I can whip up something magnificent from these humble spuds. They’re versatile and so filling and I love them.

These patties happen to be a part of a wrap which I will post later. easy to make, done within minutes and so very delicious. I made these out of two boiled potatoes and salt and pepper that’s it.  Isn’t this alone a reason to love them ..


2 Boiled potatoes (medium sized)

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

1 tsp oil (any oil)

– mash them all together and form round patties or slightly elongated patties, or whatever shape you love to eat.

Heat oil in a skillet/pan and fry them on both sides. Sometimes the mixture gets very moist in which case add 2 tsp corn flour to bind well. thankfully that wasn’t the case whie making this. Tremendously easy and very filling.


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