Breakfast wrap

Wrap’s are one the most satisfying breakfast/lunch meals for me. They’re hearty with a bot of mystery and easy to pack and quick to cook up. It’s a lazy man’s food and I’m not proud of the fact that I’d rather make this instead of an elaborate breakfast or lunch. It’s many fillings make it look like a laborious job, but it actually isn’t. It’s versatile and can be made any way- this is how my husband loves it..

You first need a wrap- it could be your tortilla, chapati, or anything you fancy for a wrap. I happened to have a parantha.

Next things we need is some chopped onions.

I have just added some salt and a dash of pepper and kept them aside.

In my wraps I have used potato patties as a filling- you can find the recipe here but since it’s a wrap and anything goes, you can add in anything, kebabs, sausages, fried vegetables, eggs.. anything.

The next step is the generous lathering of a sauce as a base adding more flavour. I have used fry sauce which is simply mayonnaise + ketchup.

a dollop of mayonnaise

a quick squeeze of ketchup

all mixed up & it’s yum.. add in a dash of tabasco for some zing and we’re good to go.

Now, it’s just a matter of assembling.

so we have the sauce, then the Pattie and the dolloped over onions. Roll them all together without making too much of a mess and VOILA!!!! easiest, tastiest wrap ever..

Enjoy !!!

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