Lemon Apple pops..

They’re cold, they’re delicious and they’re very very healthy (these ones at least). Pops somehow always evoke the memory of my childhood, buying the cheapest and the coldest lick lollies, orange or cola flavoured, dripping down all over my dress, running down my arm I always had the most satisfying orange grin and a tooth cavity.

These are great desserts and my sweet toothed husband never seems to get enough of these. As a grown up now, I have lost that fondness for them but these babies- they’re delicious and you’d never feel guilty about letting these drip down your arms..

AS the name suggest you need an apple and a lemon.

An apple nicely peeled and cored.

Juicy fat lemon

Zest of the lemon

200 gms of yogurt

add in the zest and squeeze the lemon making sure that no seeds get mixed up.

if you want some sweetness add in 1 tsp sugar, you can omit this if you want no sugar in your Popsicle.

I also added in around 1 tsp of blueberry jam. It just gives it a very slight tinge & tiny blueberry note.

That’s it. These are all the ingredients and we just need to blend them together & pour them into the moulds.

Freeze these overnight and you’ll have the most awesome lemony pops ever.. ever!!!

Enjoy !!!!!

2 thoughts on “Lemon Apple pops..

  1. Lemon apple pops! Wow those sound and look beyond delicious! Thanks so much for sharing, what a wonderful recipe to make use of these lovely flavors combined. Great post and exceptional photography, buzzed it =]

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