Cheese chilli scones

These are triangular scones made with little effort and lots of cheese which is why they hardly last as long and taste delicious if a little bit naughty and with every bite they get progressively enjoyable.

These aren’t something I’d eat everyday of my life which is why they’re special, made on days when the mood is light and gym bag out of sight or when it’s rainy, dull and the air is sullen;these cheese chilli scones are just as good as cake at uplifting spirits and go well with tea and coffee and they’re best eaten when hot but that’s not an absolute requirement because they taste just as great when cold.

The ingredients aren’t many and they’re the makings of every good scone. Flour, salt, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, butter, any sharp cheese, paprika and yogurt or buttermilk.

I have already mixed in soda, salt, baking powder and sugar together in with flour.

have the butter fridge cold, cut into cubes and mix in with the flour. I find fork and fingers work best.

One the butter has been worked into the flour, its texture becomes lumpy which is the cold butter clinging on bits of flour.

Pour in the yogurt and briefly mix to form a shaggy dough.

until it looks like this and transfer on the work surface.

Don’t knead the dough because it doesn’t need to form gluten. We just need it to come together with minimal effort.

use your hands and a bench scraper to put it together. It’s not going to be uniform and it will be broken and falling apart but it’ll all come together.

Sprinkle the top with half the cheese paprika mixture and fold both the ends like a book. I forgot to take the picture of the cheese sprinkling part.

Turn it over and around. Sprinkle on some flour and roll it out with a rolling pin.

like so. Some cheese might spill out but it doesn’t matter.

Sprinkle on the rest of the cheese reserving a bit for the topping.

now fold it again like a book and turn it over and roll to the thickness you like.

If you desire tall and thick scones then roll it thickly, if however you don’t mind skinny scones then roll thinner. I rolled mine out to almost 1cm thickness and cut them into square which I further cut into triangles.

Spread on a well floured baking tray and sprinkle the remaining cheese over.

Bake at 200ºC oven for 20-25 minutes until the scones have risen slightly and the cheese has begun to melt and ooze out.

Let cool for only a moment before indulging.


Flour- 250g
Baking powder- 1 tbsp
Baking soda- 1/4 tsp
Butter- 80g
Cheese- 150g
Paprika- 2 tsp
Sugar- 2 tsp
Salt- 1/2 tsp
Buttermilk/yogurt- 120mls

Recipe instructions

Combine the flour, sugar, salt, baking soda and powder and whisk well.

Mix together the cheese and paprika and reserve.

Add the cold cubed butter to the flour mixture and using a fork or fingers rub into the flour until the butter fuses with it to form a grainy buttery texture.

Pour in the yogurt and mix briefly with a spoon before inverting on the work surface. Bring it together without kneading into a rough rectangle. At this stage it won’t matter if the mixture isn’t cohesive.

Sprinkle some flour and roll to form a half inch thick square. Sprinkle half the cheese and fold both the ends of the dough to meet in the center like a book.

Turn it over and around and roll out the dough again.

Sprinkle over the remaining cheese reserving a small handful.

Fold over both ends again and turn it over and around and roll it out again to desired thickness.

Use a round shaped cutter to cut out round scones or simply slice into squares and then triangles with a knife.

Finally sprinkle over the last bit of cheese and bake at 200ºc for 20-25 minutes or until the scones have beautifully puffed up and the cheese has begun to melt and bubble.

Can be enjoyed as a solitary snack or with tea and coffee.

Scones- the tiny edition

I wanted to make super tiny scones so that I don’t tempt myself with the nice big ones and go crazy eating them throughout the day. I decided to indulge myself with these bite sized pieces- lessening the guilt and upping the cutesy factor.

These teeny tiny scones were the work of a moment without too much work, and absolutely gratifying.. I mean how could you not love them. I finished the entire batch in a couple of hours- Jam, butter, honey.. it work with everything.

Few ingredients & quick to make.

one cup of flour, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp baking soda and a fat knob of vegetable fat/butter.. this here is 2 tbsp of fat in 1 cup flour

using a fork or a cookie cutter or simply the tips of your thumbs & finger mix the flour and the fat so that the mixture starts resembling wet clumped sand. A grainy mixture, making sure all the fat is incorporated well into the flour and distributed evenly.

the next step is pouring in the butter milk into the mixture and stirring the flour so that it just about starts to com together. Kneading is NOT REQUIRED. use your hand mixer or stand mixer or in my case just a spoon. I used in about 3 tbsp of buttermilk.

This is what my fat disc of mixture looked like. I wanted to flatten it because these are teeny scones, but if you’re looking for a regular size, just start cutting up this fat disc with your round cookie cutter..

I rolled the disc to about 1/4 of an inch thick and using a tiny round cookie cutter (1/2 inch) I cut these adorable little circles.. I didn’t know if I wanted to eat them or use them as decorations..

assembling them onto a slightly greased baking dish, they are ready for their make up Gently brush them using the leftover buttermilk. I didn’t bother with an egg wash, but you can if you want.

I baked them at 200℃ for not more than 12-15 minutes, and they didn’t puff up too much, since they’re tiny and made of thinner discs, but they rose up enough to slice them & slather with jam.

Look at these beautiful pieces.. they were so fluffy and tasty and indescribable..