Vegan wraps


If you’re out there looking for something healthy, mouthwatering and vegan with the ability to inoculate thy system with wholesome nutrition, healthy crunch and that which is choke full of so much goodness that you’d almost feel sick with health, except you won’t because healthy food makes no one sick and it’s time we embraced that fact, then this is the dish for you.

Also, as rare as it might be, often times nourishing food turns out to be just that much better than almost all the bad stuff that tastes divinely delicious, and this vegan wrap is the alpha and the omega of health and taste; alive here to work as a fantastic breakfast, packed lunch, picnic food or just a regular meal for a regular night, except it’s so damn tasty that it makes a very ordinary day into a stellar one, or at least till the time you’re eating this.

What’s more this recipe actually has two recipes, so that’s like a bonus, and one can’t have enough here we go.


DSC_0435 copy

These might look like a lot of usual suspects, but that’s only because we’re going to be making hummus from scratch, and not just any ol’ hummus but a roasted red pepper one, and here’s a recipe for a regular hummus and there’s a detailed ‘how to‘ on roasting red peppers as well, which you can find here.



A bit of roasting action first, ensuring the pepper is nicely charred and softened


after which we put it in a bowl because it needs to cool down and become easier to peel.


cover securely to trap in the heat, that helps create moisture and loosen the skin and make it all sorts of juicy for at least 10-15 minutes



After which time you can easily peel off the skin, not too fastidiously though


a few charred bits still sticking to the skin only help impart a more smoky flavour to the hummus.


get rid of the seeds and guts until only the juicy part of the skin remains.



Now with the hummus. In a blender, or processor tip in the cooked chickpeas.


and a couple cloves of garlic. I forgot to put them in the ingredients picture.


add in the roasted red pepper


tahini paste


cumin powder




olive oil


and finally lime juice.



blend or process into a paste like consistency


something like this, or finer if you please. It should be easy to spread.



Now a bit of chopping and here’s some onion in its very own shot because I forgot to include it in the ingredients picture



here we have our veggies chopped. A bunch of mushrooms, half a tomato, half a capsicum and our lovely onion of course.



cook onions and capsicum on a smoking hot pan with a bit of oil.



I like using tongs for this particular step, because it’s easy and makes you look very efficient.



once it begins to soften a bit, add a small pinch of salt.



and keep cooking on high heat until it’s sweetly caramelized.



remove veggies on a separate plate


and in with the mushrooms. There’s a rogue capsicum in there was well.



cook until softened and caramelized, like so.



all needs remain is a bit of assembly work.



Drape the wrap with vulgar amounts of hummus. Don’t be stingy with this spread. It’s delicious, it’s full of proteins and it’s the flavour base to our wrap.



Begin by layering on 1/3rd part of the wrap so it’s easy to roll. First with the caramelized capsicum and onions.


then mushrooms


and finally the tomatoes.



Roll ’em up.



serve am as is, or if you feel fancy then add some gorgeous crispy baked potatoes on the side.

Vegan Wraps


For hummus

Cooked chickpeas: 200g (1cup)

Tahini: 40g (1/4 cup)

Red pepper: 1 in nos

Garlic cloves: 2 small

Salt: 1/2 tsp

Cumin powder: 1 tsp

Lime juice: 1 tsp

Olive oil: 1 tbsp


For wraps

Whole Wheat wraps: 2 in nos

Onion: 1 medium sized

Capsicum : 1 medium size

Tomato: 1 small

Mushrooms: 8-10 small button mushrooms

Salt: a pinch

Oil: 2 tsp

Recipe instructions for Hummus: 

Roast red pepper on high flame, until all sides are charred and blackened. Cover and let rest for 10-15 minutes for the skin to loosen, after which gently peel away the charred skin and remove seeds.

Add all the hummus ingredients with the roasted red pepper in a blender or food processor and pulse until a thick paste is formed.

For the wraps

Thinly slice vegetables and de seed tomatoes.

Heat oil on high flame until smoking and add the sliced capsicum and onions with a pinch of salt until sweetly caramelized. Keep tossing to keep from burning.

Remove to a plate once cooked, and in the same pan add in sliced mushrooms and cook until browned and soft.

To form the wraps, spread hummus generously on whole wheat wrap and begin layering the vegetables on 1/3rd side without heaping on too high so as to enable easy rolling of the wrap.






CSC_4927Yes!!! I love ze hummus. I love hummus on bread, on crackers, on everything that can be dipped. I love absolutely love hummus. Thank you Middle East for giving us the gift of hummus.

What I don’t love is the hummus you find in jars. Ewww.. its everything thats hummus shouldn’t be. Making your own hummus will give you an air of smugness and a feeling most satisfying.. You’re creating hummus.. at home.!!!!

After many try outs, recipes, and taste tests, I finally figured a hummus recipe which is loved in my house. Easily devoured and makes a decent quantity. It’s just a bread away from being a supper in it’s entirety. Works fabulously as a crowd pleaser and a party piece. Just put this on a table with torn pieces of  breads, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic appetizer..



Chickpeas, garlic cloves. tahini paste,Extra virgin olive oil, salt and coriander powder.

I don’t use canned chickpeas, though if you wish you can use those. I soak the chickpeas for 6-10 hours. Overnight works best and boil them till they are tender.



Dump everything together in a food processer, you can use a blender of you wish. for me this ferocious little chopper works best.



Add in the extra virgin olive oil and whizz to a paste. If you feel it’s too dry you can add a bit of water, though this won’t happen if you dont go too easy on the oil.

Garnish with some more lovely green olive oil and paprika..



such miraculous, gratifying results.. This is the kind of hummus you just can’t go wrong with. Of course there isn’t a set recipe for anything. It’s always to your taste, so play with it. Adjust quantities and seasonings to your liking and the results are highly rewarding…….. Enjoy !!


150 gms chickpeas (cooked and drained)

4 garlic cloves

25 gms tahini paste

1/2 tsp coriander powder

1 tsp salt (adjust to taste)

75 mls extra virgin olive oil + more for drizzling before serving

1/2 tsp paprika (optional) for sprinkling before serving.

additionally you can also use some lemon juice about 1 tsp if you wish

Recipe:- In a food processer or a blender process together the chickpeas, garlic, tahini, salt and coriander powder with the olive oil. If it’s too dry or thick add in 1 tsp water or olive oil until you get the consistency you want. Keep tasting for salt. It should be according to your taste.

To serve drizzle some olive oil and some paprika for a burst of colours. Serve with pita, baguette or even crackers..